Mindfulness Journey

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Life has become more challenging every day due to the rise of this pandemic. Stress, mental exhaustion, worry and trying to maintain overall health, is beginning to effect everyone in every area of life.

Practicing minfulness with meditations has proven to play a key role in our mental, emotional and physical health. Medical test have shown substantial increase in the bodies level of immunity with mindfulness exercises.

Through the practice of mindfulness, we become more aware, not just of our surroundings, but of the inner self. True peace and stillness within our mind is easily attained using simple techniques.

We have all had to start practicing social distancing on a level we have never experienced before. Some have been able to adapt to this new way of life with little to no issues at all. However, a large portion of the world have been forced to experience life in ways that are difficult and even impossible to manage due to the lack of emotional and mental skills. Not having certain mindfulness skills is NOT a sign of being less than any other person in the world. Though practicing mindfulness can become a valuable tool in every aspect of life, it has never really been considered a necessity for survival or success until recently.

During this time, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the levels of stress and fear have risen to a plane of undeniable concern. The human body is not created to handle extended periods of continued stress. During stress, our system kicks into the fight-or-flight survival mode and stops producing the chemicals required for fighting diseases and viruses. Our overall internal health, both physically and mentally, begins to suffer the longer we are under stressful conditions.

For these reasons, alone, it should be important that we become more aware of our existence from an internal perspective as opposed to the turmoil surrounding our external world.

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